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Financial Services Complaint Management

Everest financial complaint management from Lynk Software is a solution that helps financial establishments achieve the highest standards in service quality.

Data capture from anywhere...

  • From your home page
  • From branches and departments
  • From operations
  • From Call Centers

Improve customer relations through a proactive and responsive customer service initiative. Built-in configuration options enable Everest to meet your exact requirements for monitoring and resolving customer, supplier and internal concerns. Everest incorporates integrated analysis for business process improvements.

Everest is used by financial services companies across the globe, each with specific data and workflow requirements.  A configuration workshop from the experts at Lynk Software will quickly get your system up and running.  The administration options, built right into the user interface, will allow you to easily modify the system as your needs evolve.

Quickly analyze and share critical information with powerful reports and charts. Sort and filter standard reports in seconds and e-mail directly from Everest. Create user defined queries for specific data sets that can be transferred directly to Excel.

Easily control access through user group access controls that are tied directly to a User Id and Password.  Set rules for password size/expiration, concern approvals/electronic signatures or specific location access.

CFPB - Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Everest is a proven solution to meet CFPB compliance, audit and reporting requirements.

Built-in features for financial services

  • Call Center Portal with customer data integration
  • Customer Web Portal routes feedback directly into your database
  • Separate classifications to meet Federal and State requirements
  • Deliver consistent customer letters using auto-fill templates
  • Rapidly generate standard and custom Reports and Charts
  • Utilize your own terminology for field labels and drop down lists
  • Dashboard displays real-time reports for internal use

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