Food Products

Customer Service and
Quality Assurance

Growing, processing or selling food
products, Everest brings an effective
solution for resolving issues quickly.

Food products quality and safety... Farming, Processing and Retailing

Everest provides an in-depth focus on product quality, product safety and complaint management for the food industry.

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The detailed classifications of customer concerns and product issues is provided at two levels; customer service and production. This integrated approach provides extensive capability for building sustained relationships with customers/consumers, while managing production issues at the farm or factory. Quickly analyze and share critical information with powerful reports and charts. Sort and filter standard reports in seconds and e-mail directly from Everest. A user friendly query builder allows you to create custom reports including any field in the database.

Food Products Highlights

  • Complaint Management for customer, consumer, supplier and distribution complaints
  • Fully resolve complaints while using the process to improve quality and safety
  • Consumer Web Portal routes online feedback directly into your database
  • Synchronize customer, supplier and product files to Everest, fully automated
  • Track internal quality issues, corrective actions and supplier corrective actions
  • Key features include easy data entry, repeat offender check, automatic letter generation, file attachments
  • Analyze and trend issues by customer, product, problem type, cause, defect codes and more
  • Support quality system requirements for the FDA, ISO and other quality standards