Healthcare Complaint Management System

Everest - Complaints System
A highly effective approach
for tracking and resolving
customer complaints.

Complaint Management System for Healthcare Environments

The Everest complaints system will improve customer retention by recording, tracking and resolving every complaint; then producing information that can be used to eliminate similar complaints or problems from occurring in the future.

Everest is used by organizations across the globe, each with specific data and workflow requirements.  A configuration workshop from the experts at Lynk Software will quickly get your system up and running.

Quickly analyze and share critical information with powerful reports and charts. Sort and filter standard reports in seconds and e-mail directly from Everest. Create user defined queries for specific data sets that can be transferred directly to Excel.

Easily control access through user group access controls that are tied directly to a User Id and Password.  Set rules for password size/expiration, concern approvals/electronic signatures or specific location access.

Contact Lynk Software to discuss how Everest can be used to fulfill your complaint system requirements.