Strategy to Reduce Noncomformances

Through Defect Analysis

Corrective Actions and

Preventive Actions


Nonconformance and
Corrective Action Software

Multiple user defined defect codes can be assigned to each product. Standard reports and charts, plus user defined reports, provide the basis for defect analysis.

Corrective action software is used to track issues related to non conformances including both corrective actions and preventative actions (CAPA). It is also used to perform root cause analysis with a view to preventing future non conformances. The goal is to fully investigate quality issues with a goal prevent reoccurrence. The end result is often improved quality levels and increased customer satisfaction.

A CAPA system ensures FDA and ISO regulatory compliance. Corrective action software can be used to fulfill this by documenting all aspects of the investigation. The resulting information can then be analyzed and root causes can be determined.

The software can be used to assign an owner to a particular concern and also have a verification owner assigned who verifies whether the corrective action was effective.

The corrective action software can include a CAPA or 8D forms and workflows which can be customized towards the needs of your organization. These can be used for corrective action requests, preventative action requests, corrective and preventative actions as well as supplier corrective action requests.

Items that should be included in the corrective action software details includes the problem statement, containment action, root cause, findings, short term corrective action, permanent corrective action, preventative action and verification. This means that the workflow is complete from initiation through to solution. The software allows for the attachment of CAPAs and related documentation.

The corrective action software allows for advanced reporting and analytics so that trends and statistical information can be accessed in real time and information can be put to immediate use in managing quality within the organization.

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Internal Area Organization
The organization of internal concerns begins by selecting an internal area which is typically the primary area responsible for resolution. Areas can be based on departments, facilities or any other organizational structure including manufacturing stations on the shop floor.

Multiple Locations
Internal Area setup options include user-defined departments and locations. When the scope of the project includes more than one location or plant, a system option to control user access will limit users with access to only the Internal Areas associated with the same location they are at. When limiting Area access by location, the user access privilege, Access All Locations, is enabled only for those users who require it.

Real-time Data Analysis
Reports and Charts provide real-time data analysis of internal quality concerns based on a variety of selection criteria options easily controlled using a point-and-click menu. User Defined Queries allow you to select and sort by any field in the database.

A Corrective Action Software Form you can Customize
The Everest corrective action software form is customizable in setup so that it may be configured as a standard paperless template to be used for; Corrective Action Requests or CAR, Preventive Action Requests or PAR, Corrective and Preventive Action Requests or CAPA and Supplier Corrective Action Requests or SCAR.

Contact Lynk Software to discuss how Everest can be used to fulfill your corrective action tracking requirements.