With Everest, the future of

Complaint Management

is Now.

Complaint Management System industries

Industries across the globe are using Everest 7

Whether it's CFPB compliance, HIPAA requirements, FDA regulations or some other objective specific to your industry, EVEREST 7 has you covered. Select your industry above to learn how EVEREST 7 is designed to meet today's complaint management challenges.


Complaint Management System
and Quality Assurance

Everest Complaint Management System is an effective resource for building customer relationships by engaging with customers and providing timely responses to customer feedback. Flexible workflow, built-in correspondence and extensive reporting are among the many features that will streamline your business.

We specialize in refining business processes to meet the highest standards of customer service and quality. Our implementation services will get you up and running quickly, either on-site or as a hosted software solution.

Everest 7 Complaints Management
System is designed to...

  • Track and resolve customer concerns
  • Build sustainable customer relationships
  • Handle complex complaint procedures
  • Implement corrective and preventive actions
  • Achieve continuous improvement
  • Analyze customer service and quality trends
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